Association of Filipino Teachers In Eastern America, Inc.

Building Lives, Building Families, and Building Professions

AFTEA Mission Statement 

     The Kapisanan ng mga Gurong Filipino sa Silangang Amerika (KGFSA) better known as AFTEA, Inc., is an association of Filipino teachers teaching in the public and private schools in Eastern America. The group was organized on December 22, 2006, to build strong professional support among Filipino teachers, help strengthen teacher relationships and their families, and address the financial needs of its members through membership voluntary contributions to foster and preserve Filipino cultural values of pagsasamahan and pagtutulungan.
Absolutely, AFTEA, Inc., is committed to creating the most open and accessible educational organization in history. That begins with:
  • sharing the resources or links of interest, the educationally-related sites, for all educators worldwide.
  • recognizing all outstanding individuals of their achievements in the field of education
  • linking with you the Filipino/non-Filipino group of teachers, friends, and educator proponents all over the world.
  • advertising the different teachers' groups or groups of educators in a global scale via this well-known and famous website, and other social media outlets. 
  • spearheading our group educational tours for all teachers/friends across other states nationally, and also to other countries internationally. 
  • doing our International "Travel To Share" program in the Philippines, and eventually reaching out to the other countries as well by sharing the same project.
  •  serving in the community of New York City, as well as in the Philippines as a form of volunteerism. 
At present, the association has more than one hundred active members in New York,  Maryland, Washington, D.C. and from other states as well.


  • Open to all teachers of Filipino descent employed either by the public or private educational institutions in the Eastern part or any part of the U.S. 
  • It is also open to all educators worldwide for educational participation purposes.
  • A duly registered  not-for-profit corporation in New York State
  • A duly registered "Public Charity" organization with tax-exempt status from the IRS under 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code in a determination letter issued on April 2010.  Please check it out based on our Determination Letter, and Employer Identification Number: 26-1960768.
  • Certified by the New York State Department of Education as an educational organization.

AFTEA  aims to:

  • build a strong support to the teaching profession through professional developments.
  • strengthen relationships among teachers and their families.
  • extend financial support through voluntary contributions among its bonafide members.
  • promote exemplary Filipino and American values, cultures and traditions.

AFTEA - Member Benefits Include:

  • Information Sharing and Assistance  on:

                - Immigration status

                - Health Benefits

                - Legal Matters

  •  Financial Networking Assistance concerning:

                - Taxes

                - Housing

                - Car and Personal Loan

  •  Sharing of  Work-Related Concerns including:

                - Technological tools and assistance for improving instruction

                - Job-Networking Assistance

                - Teacher Certification

                - Counseling on Work-Related Problems

                     - Mutual Death Assistance Program

                     - Life Insurance Information Access

  •  Participation in AFTEA's various social activities and projects


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Please accept our sincere appreciation for visiting our web page everyday. If you find a link that is expiring or not working, there's something wrong from its source, you know. Again, thank you so much.




Quote of the Day

AFTEA, Inc. has been granted TAX-EXEMPT STATUS by the IRS of the United States of America (USA).

Based on our Determination Letter, and Employer Identification Number: 26-1960768


  • " Sir, Pancho, salamat sa pag-create nitong site. I always wanted to join Aftea activities kaya lang palaging may conflict sa prior schedules ko. Anyway, maraming pang pagkakata..."
    IT Teacher and Lecturer
  • " Thank you, Pancho for sharing your educationally-related sites!"
    Ms. Sevilla Castillo
    Teacher at Workforce Advantage

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